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Monday, July 9, 2007

Cat hat of DOOM! [with link to tutorial]

Well... after attempting to sew with slippery velvet to make a plush rabbit.... I gave up and tried my hand at making a cat hat from a tutorial I saw on Craftster. I thought it would only take me like an hour, but it took me like 2 1/2 instead. I got the fabric from a light blue college hoodie my friend threw out since she got ink and highlighter stains on the sleeves. I just cut the fabric off the back and made it into my very own cat hat that I've been wanting for the past 3 years!!!

Here's the [link] to the tutorial and here are my PICTURES:

<-- Front view of cat hat <-- another view of the hat - The pink line was where I marked to sew the ears down. ^^;
<-- close up of the flower pin
<-- close up of the bow

The flower is actually an old pin I bought from Gap and the bow and trim are really old bias/trim tape I found in my mom's craft stash. I'm so proud of the bow! It actually looks professional looking! I stabbed myself 5 times making the damn thing! >_< Blargh... I cannot sew straight with my sewing machine.... all my hems are crooked and my dad's making fun of me.

Damn him and his being a tailor back in the day. :P