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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Owl pattern & Tutorial

Hey! I'm actually posting a pattern and a tutorial!

This is the pattern for the 003 Owl plush I made for my friend. Please do not reproduce and use for profit purposes. This pattern solely for those that want to make this owl for gifting or personal purposes.

Click on the image for the full printable size or right click and choose "Save link as..."!

Now for the short tutorial!

1. Cut out the recommended number of pieces.

2. Sew the wings first! Put the right (or outsides) of the fabric together and sew around the edges EXCEPT the straight edge (this is where you stuff in the stuffing... if you want to stuff it).

3. Flip the wings inside out so that the right side is now on the outside.

4. Sew up the notches/darts (the V-shaped cutouts) on the body pieces. This will give the body some dimension so it's not all flat.

5. Now whipstitch (or stitching of choice) the belly and face pieces onto the front body piece. You can also sew/insert your eyes at this time too.

6. Put the right sides of the body pieces facing each other and pin the wings and feet.
IMPORTANT! With the right sides of the body pieces facing each other, sandwich the wing (and feet) pieces with the opposite tips facing each other in between the body pieces and pin the wings and edges together. Also, pin the feet pieces facing inward.

Like so: 

7. Sew! Sew like the wiiiiind!!!! Remember to leave an opening for stuffing!!!!
8. After you're done sewing, carefully flip it inside out and you can start stuffing!
9. Sew up the opening and voila! You have a cute pygmy owl!


Sorry for the crappy tutorial.... if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment!