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Monday, March 31, 2008

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster and more gifts...

So after Asky the Fuzzy Blue Squidopus and Downy the Orange Fuzzy Downs-Syndrome Sperm Whale comes...

Nessie the Lime Green Loch Ness Monster. She's a girl.

This is probably my favorite plush ever!! I drafted my own pattern! :D I love sewing with polyester fleece... it's stretchy and doesn't fray. The spots on her back are made of a navy blue t-shirt my dad never wore.

It seems that all the fabric I buy is never used for what it's originally intended for... I bought this lime green fleece to make an Invader Zim Gir plush for my friend, but that never happened... so it became the Loch Ness monster after my boyfriend kept talking about how the Loch Ness monster is his favorite mythical creature and how cool it would be if I made him a plush.


Comparison size! My boyfriend is 6'2"... Yeah. Nessie's a big girl. :D


So... I actually had a craft swap with a friend of mine... she made me a Harry Potter Hufflepuff scarf (since I'm a Hufflepuff and all) and I was to make her an owl plush named 003 from the anime Yami no Matsuei.

I used a butt-ton of references and drew up the pattern myself. :D You can see the pen marks on his eyebrows... ignore that. I used tan and brown wool felt from Hobby Lobby and the eyes were from Hobby Lobby as well.

^One of the reference pics I used. I swear 003 looked different in every ref pic I found. :P

My suitemates, roommate, and I thoroughly enjoy shopping at thrift and consignment stores... so my roommate found a cute shirt for $.99 but couldn't fit it so I made it into a pillow for her.

The backside is some powder blue cotton jersey that I cut from a twin jersey sheet I found at Salvation Army.

And FINALLY! The end of this long post! It's the Slytherin scarf I made for my roommate for Christmas! LOL. My roommate is so goofy.

Knitted with Bernat Satin Hunter and Silver that I ordered online on eBay. My 3rd scarf ever! :D

That's all the non-jewelry gifts so far! More jewelry updates later!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gifts in General

I like to make stuff for people.... which is kinda bad because I never get paid for my stuff. :S

Anywhos, these are most of the gifts I've made for my friends from Christmas 2007 till now.

A hoodie I bought at Wal-Mart and added a stencil and hand-made ying-yang patch. A gift and modeled by my boyfriend. Patch was painted with fabric paint and design was hand done as well.

My first knitted item ever! A Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf for my friend.

My 2nd knitted item ever! A black garter stitch scarf for my friend. Knitted with Red Heart black boucle yarn.

A stenciled shirt that says "Because I'm Prettier" for my friend. T-shirt was store-bought and stencil was made in Photoshop.

Ron Weasley Potter puppet pal for my roommate! Handsewn and made of felt.

Ehh... that's it for now until I get a picture of my roommate's Harry Potter Slytherin scarf...

Friday, March 7, 2008

So I've been busy...

I've been busy with school, but at the beginning of this year I posted most of my jewelry onto Facebook along with prices.

Within a day, I had requests flooding in for jewelry commissions. I was so happy. :D

They've slowed down now, but I still have some commissions that come in about every couple of weeks. Anywho, here's the jewelry I've made so far along with prices.

*NOTE: I'm not limited to just these pieces. I can also make custom jewelry... just don't ask for anything made of metal... I don't have specialize in that and plus it's super expensive and I don't have the tools. (I'm just a college student!)

Cheese earrings - $6.00
Medium: yellow Sculpey clay & plastic beads

Donut earrings ("icing" color can be customized) - $6.00
Medium: tan Sculpey clay, custom colored & white Sculpey clay, plastic beads

Jelly-filled donut earrings - $8.00
Medium: tan Sculpey clay, custom colored Sculpey clay, white chalk pastel ("powerdered sugar")

Cake earrings - $8.00
Medium: white & custom colored Sculpey clay

Cupcake earrings - $8.00
Medium: custom colored Sculpey clay & plastic beads

Drumstick earrings - $6.00
Medium: Sculpey clay & acrylic paint

Fortune cookie earrings - $7.00
Medium: tan Sculpey clay & plastic beads

Oreo earrings - $10.00
Medium: black Fimo clay & white Sculpey clay

Panda earrings - $7.00
Medium: black Fimo clay & white Sculpey clay

Cutesy octopus earrings - $10.00
Medium: Sculpey clay, acrylic paint & plastic beads

Penguin earrings - $6.00 (for limited time only!)
Medium: mini Christmas ornaments (hat has been repainted)

Mario 1-up mushroom earrings - $10.00
Medium: Sculpey clay & acrylic paint

Chandelier earrings - SOLD OUT
Medium: pewter findings & plastic green beads

Stars n Moons dangly earrings - custom piece (e-mail me if you would like a pair)
Medium: yellow Sculpey clay & plastic beads

Antibiotic earrings - custom piece (e-mail me if you would like a pair)
Medium: Sculpey clay & acrylic paint

School-themed earrings - custom commissioned piece (e-mail me if you would like a pair)
Medium: Sculpey clay & acrylic paint

<-- Before painting
<-- After painting
Octopus necklace - custom commissioned piece (e-mail me if you would like it) Medium: Sculpey clay, gold, copper, brown acrylic paint, copper findings, glass seed beads (eyes & forhead ornament), and patience.

Japanese sakura jewelry set - custom piece for a charity auction (e-mail me if you like me to replicate it)
Medium: shrink film, color pencils, gold acrylic paint

Button choker & earring set - $23.00 (entire set) $5.00 (earrings only) $18.00 (choker only)
Medium: buttons from button stash & fishing line
***Due to the variety of buttons, appearance and style may vary.

---One-of-a-kind pieces---

These are made from random findings I discover at thrift store or stuff I find randomly in my house... so... they can't be replicated.

Rose ring - made from earring and scrap ring

Locked heart Valentine's necklace - made from heart padlock and key

Art nouveau necklace - made from a gaudy earring and random gold chain from my house

That's not all of the jewelry that I'm selling! Here's a link to my Facebook album to see more:"

Well, that's all the jewelry I have for now. There will be more soon!