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Sunday, May 13, 2007

More creations!

Well, this is my last post for a month. I won't be sewing or crafting anything while in London. (Or at least I hope not...) Anywho, while taking a break from packing, I finished the U-shaped butt pillow and my sock armwarmers.


Right arm-->
Left arm-->

Well, luckily my camera didn't pick up on the crappy seam around the thumb part. I was supposed to use a modified mattress stitch to attach the thumb part to the main armwarmer... but I have no idea how to do that. <_<; I just did a regular mattress stitch and it ended up looking crappy. :P Here's pics of the butt pillow:


I found some random flannel fabric with bunnies on it and decided to make a butt pillow from it. The bottom is made of an old turquoise sweater I found in my sister's closet. :3

Well, that's all for now. I wasn't able to start the Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf... but that means I'll have another project to do after I get back. So, off I go to another country for the first time! See you guys in a month!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Clothing Recons

More crafts ahoy! This time I went through my older sister's closet for old t-shirts she doesn't wear anymore. I found 2 cute shirts and decided to make one into a halter and the other into a cute ruched-side tank. Many of these designs were inspired by Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.

Here's pics of the white ruched tank:

Side view of ruched side-->

Here's pics of the yellow halter:


The white tie is made from a strip of another white t-shirt I re-coned. Hrrmm... that reminds me... I have to get pics of those too. :P

And finally, here's the last recon item of the day! A Pacman skirt made from 5 different t-shirts. It should have only been made from 3 t-shirts, but I was having trouble finding 2 exact sized black tees and plain red tees. I found the black Pacman tee at a Goodwill store, one panel was made from a black tee my friend gave me, and the 4th panel was cut out from a black tobacco promotional shirt my dad had. (He never wore it anyway.) The red band was made from 2 separate red tees. If I had a better pic, you can see that they are 2 different color reds. One tee was from my college tee and the other from an old high school Homecoming tee.


Close-up on Pacman ghosts-->

Well, that's all the sewing I've done for now. I'm currently working on sock arm warmers and I have to finish my U-shaped butt pillow. I'm hoping I can make a faux Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf tonight, but time is slim and I must pack for my month long trip tonight. ^^;

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello! It's the Bitchin Stitcher!

Ahoy! And welcome to my craft blog "Stitchin n' Bitchin." I'll be posting up completed or work-in-progresses of my current projects.

But anywho, I have my first project finished. My roommate wanted a plush of a kodama from the anime movie "Princess Mononoke." I've never made a plush before, so what the hell? I might as well try once.

Being a college student low on cash, I was too cheap to buy good plush fabric to make it so I went to the local thrift store and bought an XL white t-shirt and used the fabric from it. I've noticed that store-made plushes are not really "huggable" since the fabric is either unpleasant to the touch or just plain stiff. So using cotton jersey (the stuff your t-shirts are made of) I made a plush that's cute and huggable! :D

Here are the pictures:

Here's the pic of the one I based it off of:

And here's the plush itself:

My roommate didn't want the generic alien-looking kodama. Instead, she wanted me to make her the one that looks like a surprised Pillsbury dough boy. The scarf in not part of the original design, but I put it there because the neck seam looked very rough and I needed something to cover it up. The scarf is just made from the hem of a t-shirt sleeve and sewn in place. Hrrm... I need to practice sewing seams on plushes... it's harder than it looks.

That's all I have for now! I'm currently working on a t-shirt skirt, halter, tank, and a funky U-shaped neck pillow. I'll be posting those when I finish.