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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Engagement and the Le Sac dress

Soooo I am now engaged. :) It happened July 20th around 11pm. Check out the pics here: Engagement 7-20-2009
You can watch the video of it here: Shiba Inu Proposal (Beware. It's super awkward and I'm still embarrassed by it.)

So yay! Now I can wedding plan without shame! I would really like to make my wedding dress, but I know how daunting of a task that can be. I already know the style and color of the dress I want and I've bought a pattern too, but I'm super lazy and cheap so the actual making of it will come much later. I would love to have an ivory colored corset backed strapless dress with lace overlay or appliques. Sounds simple enough (kinda). The one designer I've looked that makes the EXACT dress I want is Maggie Sottero. Her stuff is EXPENSIVE. :( I'm not that great at sewing and my sewing machine is schizophrenic so I'm afraid of even thinking about making my dress. Also, since I'm Chinese, I have to get a red cheongsam/tea ceremony dress. Ugh. Those things make me look FAT. I thought about making a kimono version of it, but I'm not sure how my relatives would like the fact that I was wearing something "Japanese" instead of Chinese.

Anyway, I have awhile to plan since my fiance and I don't want to get married until after we graduate. That'll be around 2 years from now. So by then I would have been working and saving up.

But onto more craftier things! Some of you may have seen American Apparel's "Le Sac" dress that they sell online. I found a tutorial on Craftster and decided to use a huge vintage green pillowcase I found at a thrift store to make it. Let's just say that it was my best sewing job yet, but I think I'm not built to wear this dress. Pictures are bad. Lemme tell you:

Le Sac "Classic"
From Le Sac Dress Trial

Le Sac "Grecian"
From Le Sac Dress Trial

Le Sac "Halter"
From Le Sac Dress Trial

Le Sac "Jumper"
From Le Sac Dress Trial

Le Sac "Mini"
From Le Sac Dress Trial

There is one more style, but at that point I was so frustrated that I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. It's very difficult to wear and situate. It kept bunching up in funky ways and no bunching where I wanted it to bunch. I think you need more than one person to help you put this thing on so if you're in a hurry to get ready, don't pick this dress to wear. Plus, I used cotton, so it may have helped to use jersey instead. The ribbons that they sell at American Apparel seemed more stable and stiffer than the satin ribbon I used, so that may help too. I read some reviews on AA and some people have the same problem as I. Basically, this thing is really a sack. I'm petite (5'3") but with some boobage so the way it drapes over my boobs makes me look pregnant. I don't even think super skinny girls with no boobs could wear this.

Maybe I'll try again with jersey. Maybe.