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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello! It's the Bitchin Stitcher!

Ahoy! And welcome to my craft blog "Stitchin n' Bitchin." I'll be posting up completed or work-in-progresses of my current projects.

But anywho, I have my first project finished. My roommate wanted a plush of a kodama from the anime movie "Princess Mononoke." I've never made a plush before, so what the hell? I might as well try once.

Being a college student low on cash, I was too cheap to buy good plush fabric to make it so I went to the local thrift store and bought an XL white t-shirt and used the fabric from it. I've noticed that store-made plushes are not really "huggable" since the fabric is either unpleasant to the touch or just plain stiff. So using cotton jersey (the stuff your t-shirts are made of) I made a plush that's cute and huggable! :D

Here are the pictures:

Here's the pic of the one I based it off of:

And here's the plush itself:

My roommate didn't want the generic alien-looking kodama. Instead, she wanted me to make her the one that looks like a surprised Pillsbury dough boy. The scarf in not part of the original design, but I put it there because the neck seam looked very rough and I needed something to cover it up. The scarf is just made from the hem of a t-shirt sleeve and sewn in place. Hrrm... I need to practice sewing seams on plushes... it's harder than it looks.

That's all I have for now! I'm currently working on a t-shirt skirt, halter, tank, and a funky U-shaped neck pillow. I'll be posting those when I finish.

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