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Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Dryer Hose Pumpkins

The autumn themed crafts continue! I did not make my own tutorial for this post, but I will provide links to the two blogs where I found the tutorials. The good thing is that these are pretty cheap and quick to make! I made 2 pumpkins from 5 feet (4 inch diameter) of dryer hose and it cost about $7 total for the hose and spray paint.

Aren't they cute? I'm currently obsessed with white pumpkins. I really don't like the color orange in general, so I chose ivory! Plus, ivory pumpkins are really unique! I know they exist, but I've never seen one in real life. The stick for the "stem" was found in my backyard and I had some leftover gold organza ribbon from an old project that I tied around the stems.

Here's how they look before painting and after hot gluing together.

Here are the tutorials:

The first tutorial I saw was by A Diamond in the Stuff who made a white pumpkin and jump-started my inspiration to make one. She explained how she made it, but didn't have photos showing the process, so I did a little more searching and found House of Hepworths's tutorial which was more in depth and detailed. Both are awesome blogs! Check them out!

Both of these pumpkins will accent my giant ivory "jack-o-lantern" that I'm still working on! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! What do you guys think about these dryer pumpkins? Cute? Or gaudy?