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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Regular Scarf to Circle Scarf

Instant gratification crafts. We all like those. You make them quick and wear/use them quick. I remember seeing a tutorial on transforming a regular pashmina scarf into a circle scarf, but I can't seem to find the link. I was rummaging through my scarves and found one that I did not wear much because I hated the dangl-y ends getting in my way. 

So, I turned it into a circle scarf! In 5 minutes!

It's super easy and quick! You can either machine or hand sew this too!

First, find a scarf you have that you want to turn into a circle scarf. If it has fringe, neatly cut off the fringe so that you have a straight, clean edge.

Pin the RIGHT (outside) sides of the scarf together.

Sew up the pinned side! If using a sewing machine, remove the pins as you sew. You don't want to break a needle.

And now you have a nice seam and a wearable circle scarf! Simple!

A lazy tutorial for the lazy crafter! Go now! Make all your scarves into circle scarves before fall arrives!

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