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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hope, Change, & A HOLIDAY SALE!

I'm back! Phew! It's been such a busy week! It feels like it's been a month with all the things I've been doing. My husband and I drove out to Texas last Wednesday to visit my brother and his family. Actually, our main goal was to look at prospective houses, go to job interviews (for me), and my husband had to go to the MLG Dallas gaming convention. 

We arrived on Halloween night which meant trick or treating with my nieces! I managed to finish my Kiki (from Kiki's Delivery Service) costume and tagged along. 

My other niece is not pictured. 
 The dress is actually my grandmother's dress that I resized to fit me.

The dress was very boxy and ill fitting! Here are photos of the original seams versus the new seams.

These are the side seams.

This is the seam for the back dart. I took in 4 inches!
The red bow was made from an old red t-shirt and quilt batting and sewn onto a red stretchy headband. I carried a tan bag and wore orange-y tan shoes like Kiki did. All I need is Jiji and a broom!

Anywho... for the real news.




*breathes* Okay. So, I went to three job interviews while I was out in Texas. The first one wasn't really an interview but a tour of the Baylor hospital I was offered to work at. The two interviews following the Baylor tour were for Med-Surg positions at two different hospitals that I really didn't want since I am kind of burned out on Med-Surg. I accepted the Baylor position in a rehabilitation hospital working with strokes, brain/spinal cord injuries, amputees, and orthopedic patients. I am SO EXCITED! It will be so nice to experience a different field of nursing! :)

While I'm excited, I'm also a little stressed about the prospect of having to move VERY soon. I don't start work till November 30th, but I have to get back to Texas to start on my new-hire paperwork which takes 2 weeks to process and has to be done before I start working. That means I have to get everything packed pretty much by next week. (Also, had to cancel selling at the Holiday Bazaar...) :( My husband is still finishing up his last semester of school so I have to move in with my brother and leave my husband to finish closing on our rental home and sell our unwanted furniture by mid December. Stressful!

I also made some new pieces before leaving on the trip and posted them up last night in my shop! Check them out! Just click on the picture and it'll bring you to its Etsy listing for more details.

"Geo Metrics" - Upcycled Adjustable Geometric Design Ring

"Geo Metrics" - Upcycled Colorful Geometric Design Necklace

"Oz " - Upcycled Silver and Emerald Adjustable Ring

"Oz "- Upcycled Silver and Emerald Green Necklace

"Trifecta II" - Gold Curved Tube Bead Statement Necklace with Swarovski Glass Pearl

"Trifecta I" - Gold Curved Brass Tube Bead Earrings With Swarovski Glass Pearl

"Queen of the Nile" - Gold Brass Chain and Leaf Charm Dangle Earrings

"Holiday Lights" - Upcycled Christmas Ornament Earrings

WAIT! That's not all! I also have a HOLIDAY SALE going on! You know you've been thinking about what to buy for your friends and family for Christmas so why not purchase something handmade and unique from my shop? Use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS12 at checkout to get 20% OFF your entire purchase! If you know a Mississippi State University Bulldogs fan, you can use the code MAROONBULLDAWGS to get an EXTRA 10% OFF on MSU jewerly which comes to a total of 30% OFF! WOAH! Check out that deal!

If you don't know what to get your family/friends, just get them an Etsy gift card to my shop so they can pick what they want! Awesome, no? :)

Well, that's it for today's post! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, just post them below!

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