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Monday, June 1, 2009


Holy crap! I won more giveaways! :O I'm sooo happy! EEEeeeeee!

I got some BISCOTTI (OMG YUM) and knitting patterns from Beth, a beautiful white roses and pearls necklace from Paula, and lace and trims, baby booties, bag, and Japanese fat quarter fabric from Ahfat.

Wow! That's a lot of stuff! I have stuff coming from Utah, Wisconsin, and SINGAPORE! I'm especially excited about a package from Singapore since that's where my family and parents immigrated from. It's my motherland! :) (Sadly, I've never been there.)


I got another giveaway prize! This time, it's a free re-useable shopping bag from Green Bag Lady! I'm so excited! I've been meaning to go more green by using re-useable shopping bags because I hate hate HATE those plastic bags all over my house! I just need to remember to stuff all my tote bags in my purse before I go anywhere so I can use them at stores.

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