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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Need some opinions!

Hey followers! I need your opinions on this choker that I'm designing! I've actually made it, but I'm too lazy to take pics right now. So instead, I'm going to show you my Photoshop prototypes!

A few things before you start commenting away:

1. The "original" prototype pic was too long so it now has only 4 of those filigree connectors. (2 on each side)
2. Right now, there are sets of 3 chains on either end connecting the box clasp (round thing on the end)
3. The size of the crystal in the 2nd pic is more scaled to size than the 1st pic. Yeah... it's huge.

1st prototype:

See? No smaller crystals hanging. And longer.

2nd prototype:

I added the crystals in the 2nd pic because I think it needs a little more "oomph." I was thinking about stringing some chains to add more but I'm scared it will be too much. Maybe I'll get some pics up of the real thing so you guys will have a better idea.

I rather NOT get a smaller crystal seeing as how I've already spent almost $50 on this choker. I like BIG AND SHINY things. Damnit.


I finally got off my lazy butt and took pics! Here they are:

(Click to enlarge)

It's 14 inches long and shiiiiiiny. See? I wasn't kidding about the giant crystal. It's actually comfy to wear too. I hand bent all the filigree piece slightly so it would fit against my neck. Right now, I'm just trying to compare prices online for the smaller crystals and bead caps and such. I'm buying a new bail to connect the crystal to the main filigree piece... I hope it works out. The crystal headpin I'm using now is not stable enough.


  1. I like it.

    Are you thinking of adding chains to dip below the choker? I wouldn't. I think that would distract from the choker.

    The smaller crystals DO add oomph!

    Now run make me one in silver! ;)

  2. Yes, I was thinking about stringing some gold chain to dip in between the big filigree pieces. I guess I may have to do a trial with the chain to see if I like it.

    Thanks for your input! I'm currently trying to find some gold bead caps for the smaller crystals but these shipping costs are ridiculous!

  3. I like that you didn't go with the smaller hanging crystals. The single larger crystal works much better b/c the extra crystals would have been too busy. Don't do the extra gold chains. You want it to be fancy not showgirl worthy.