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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I think I plan too early...

I received my prize from Beth and I must say that the white roses and pearls necklace is so much more stunning in person! I need to get a photo of me wearing it but I don't have a pretty enough outfit to wear it with at the moment. :)

So... I believe I plan for certain events a little too early sometimes. This one would be my wedding. (I'm not even engaged yet but I will be soon..... lol) I've already started looking up fabrics and trims and appliques to make my dress from. Just today alone, I bought components to make my choker with. I had been planning the design for months and I took time today to compile all the images of the parts and Photoshopped them together to see how it looked. I tried my best to scale all the parts to size so they would (hopefully) look like the real thing. Anywho, here's the image I made:

(Click to enlarge... although it doesn't get that much bigger. Not on my screen resolution, anyway)

Pretty, no? I forgot to add the box clasp but here's a link to it: Beadaholique

It's made of brass filigree and gold plated components inset with Swarovski crystal. It took me forever to find a bail I liked to hang the baroque crystal, but finally I decided to buy Swarovski head pins and make my own bail. I'm very happy about all of it and I hope it turns out as good as the picture. I spent a total of $45 on all of it which I think is great because a choker like this would probably sell around the upper $100s.

Here are the places I bought my supplies from:

Accent Factory

I can't wait for all of it to come in!!! :D


  1. That is beautiful!!!!!!!!

    And how smart to use photoshop to "see" what it will look like!

    Smart, smart Gal you are.

  2. Oh.... then the baby booties will soon come in use too... hehehe