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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fishy Fishtail Skirts

You guys. It's freaking HOT! So my air conditioning has been broken for over 24 hours now and our landlord won't send anyone to fix it till Monday morning! UGGGH... I know I grew up without A/C, but I'm now spoiled by it's goodness. I would like it back, plz. :(

My craft room is sweltering but I shall keep on crafting!!!! I have managed to make one using Morning by Morning's maxi skirt tutorial.

I didn't want one maxi length so I made a shorter version above the knee length that tapered to right above my calves in the back

This is how it looked after I made the basic skirt using Morning by Morning's tutorial. I just opted out on the ruffles and made the total length 24 inches.

So, I'm going to show you how to get that fishtail taper. It's pretty simple and you can cut it many different ways. 

First lay your skirt flat inside out with the seams touching each other like so:

Then, you can mark a straight line for about 12 inches in and then taper off sharply until you hit the middle of the back hem.

I didn't really taper off as sharply as I liked but that's ok! I shall try another skirt later! 

Before you're truly finished, remember to tack/back stitch on both side seams so the seams don't come undone. I mean, you did cut into both of them cutting that fishtail hem, after all. Just back stitch and cut the extra seam allowance at a taper so it doesn't add bulk.

Here's how it looks on me:

Front View

Side View

Tadaa! Pretty simple! If you use stretchy fabrics like I did (stretchy cotton or polyester jersey knits), you don't have to hem them since they don't fray! Awesomely easy!

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  1. Supper cute! I love how it looks on you, that hemline is so fun. Thanks for letting me know about your post :)