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Friday, August 10, 2012

I've been a busy bee...

Crafting! Phew. If you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Etsy, you've probably been flooded by my posts of new items I've stocked in my store today. It started with a commission from a friend of mine who wanted a Dr. Who Tardis pendant.

My original plan was to make the Tardis out of some royal blue Sculpey clay. Well, that plan failed. Terribly. If you've ever tried to make something with evenly squared off sides with Sculpey, you probably came to find that it's nearly impossible. If your Sculpey is the slightest bit warm, it'll bend and warp and smoosh if you try to cut the sides. I even tried sticking it in the freezer but still didn't work. 

So, after exploring Etsy for some ideas and coming up blank, I remembered that they sold square sided wooden dowels at Lowe's! OMG! GENIUS! So, I bought one of those and decided to make a pair of earrings too so hired the help of my husband to help cut the tiny rectangles. 

The top and the "base" are actually carefully hand-mitered match sticks. Yeah. I mitered match sticks. The precision it takes to make those corners perfectly 45 degrees is annoyingly frustrating. But! There's nothing sand paper can't fix. I sanded the poop out of these! The paint it a little uneven in places but it looks pretty good if you're not less than an inch away from it. 

The windows gave me the worst headache. I used painter tape to mark off tiny rectangles and painted them silver. At that point, I wanted to shoot myself about painting tiny blue lines for the windows. I found a ZIG navy blue pen and tried it out and it looked nice..... but it smudged EVERYWHERE. Even after letting it dry for 24 hours. :( So, I scrubbed off the pen (and some paint with it) and proceeded to force myself to paint tiny lines. It didn't turn out too bad! 

Overall, I'm pretty proud of these despite the tiny imperfections in painting. I like a challenging craft every once in awhile! :)

I also posted my Tardis earrings for sale on my Etsy shop and they've already sold out! Wow! I'm actually going to attempt to make more this weekend since one of my friends are requesting them. :) More learning experience!

Here are the other items I've made. You can click on each photo and it links to where you can buy them in my Etsy store.

I like how funky and groovy this pearl necklace looks.

A chevron inspired necklace for the current chevron rage!

A lot of my jewelry are one-of-a-kind in the fact that I'm using up items I've collected in my stash or upcycling found items.

The Twilight charm bracelets are back in stock! This time I used REAL Swarovski crystal AB hearts and sterling silver bails!

I showed these cheese earrings to my husband and he said they looked like cheese from Skyrim. :)

Of course, Pac-Man earrings...

These are my favorite! I was torn between keeping or selling them. I already have a pair of whale earrings so I'm selling them. My loss is your gain! 

There are a few more pairs of earrings I haven't finished yet! They're actually going to be a part of a sculpting tutorial I'll be posting up Monday! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more.

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