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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ozymandias BACON Dog

A bit of background information:

My husband's job is making Youtube videos about video game gun stats, game strategy, video game logic, and other random topics. One of those "random topics" include a video series of game commentary featuring him and my Shiba Inu, Ozymandias. Yes, my dog has a voice actor and "talks" about how MLG (major league gamer) and awesome he is at video games while my husband is the n00b. 

Yesterday, it was Ozy's birthday. Not my dog's actual birthday. (His is May 25th) It was his voice actor's 18th (human years) birthday. I was watching my husband edit a video and one segment has Ozy commenting how he's flying through the air in his helicopter like Nyan Cat except he'd sing baconbaconbaconbaconbacon instead of nyanyanyanyanyanyan. I was quite amused by this and I was inspired to create this piece as "birthday" present.

Yes. He IS bacon. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to animate this or add a rainbow streaming from his behind. This is my first piece I've completed (outline and coloring) in Photoshop in over 2-3 years. Let's just say I've lost touch using a graphics tablet and I wanted to kill it by the end of the 3 hours it took for me to draw this.

Here's the actual sketch from my sketch book that I scanned into Photoshop to outline and color:

I need to draw more. Eh. Too lazy. :P

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