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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Color Run, Pumpkin Carving, and New Running Shoes!

I've had such an exciting weekend! If you read my "Double Runbows" post, you'll know that my husband and I signed up to run in The Color Run in Tuscaloosa yesterday (Saturday)! We started the day at 5:45 am (we haven't woken up that early in over a year) and somehow managed to run/walk a very colorful 5K! I kinda of over-exerted myself the day before the run and messed up my left hip so I mostly walked it, but it's the first 5K I've ever walked/ran in so it was a pretty big deal for me!

Here's Team Double Runbows before we were colored!

And here's how we looked after the race!

Here's one of my husband and I!

While it was a cloudy, chilly day, I stayed pretty warm! (I don't get cold easily) Still a colorful run despite the clouds! :) I even pinned up my bib and double rainbow bow on my wall above my craft desk.

After getting home and showering, I crashed for a 2 hour nap and woke up for some delicious sushi at Umi's for dinner. After dinner, my friends invited us over for pumpkin carving!

This was the first time Brad and I ever carved pumpkins together too! He carved an angry face and I carved our dog, Ozymandias! :) Here they are unlit:

And lit!

They're now sitting in our front yard and will be lit this evening! Yay! 

After an early and long Saturday, my husband and I woke up around noon today. Since Brad had an appointment to interview a restaurant for his MBA project, I decided to go with him to go shopping for new running shoes. I found out that my recent increase in hip pains were from running with my old New Balances that had little to no arch support. 

After shopping at two shoe stores, I found these!

They're New Balance 750 v1 running shoes! I've been doing some research on which were the best brands for running shoes and found that Saucony and Asics were the most preferred. So, I decided to go and actually try those brands on before I bought them. 

Well, they fit horribly. The Asics I tried on had too many pressure points on the top of my toes and feet and were too heavy. While the Sauconies I tried on were very comfortable, the way the shoe was designed made them feel too bulky. So I went back to my preferred brand of New Balance and tried these on and they fit like a glove! Very comfortable, nice arch (but not too much) support, flexible, and very light. I can't wait to try them out on tomorrow's run! 

Thanks for reading! I hope that you guys have had a great weekend too! What were the highlights of your weekend? Feel free to share!

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