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Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Jewelry!

I have been slacking at posting..... very badly. I apologize. I would say that I've been busy, but that hasn't really been the case. Fiberluxe and I have signed up to share a booth to be vendors at the Starkville Holiday Bazaar in November so I've been making lots of jewelry. If you saw one of my older posts, you'll probably remember I was working on some swag for my husband's fans.

But I finally finished them! 

I was kind of procrastinating on completing these necklaces, but finally convinced myself it would be worth it to finish them. I ALWAYS have problems sealing/varnishing my jewelry and it wasn't any different with these. While spray varnishing these outdoors, the newspaper they were sitting on happened to catch wind while I wasn't looking and flipped them over. One even disappeared over the railing of my front porch and I found it today in the grass! (oops.)

A few had newspaper and dirt stuck to them which scratched the varnish when I tried to clean them off. I managed to scrape off the stuck newspaper and dirt and repaired them. The cool thing is that my husband hand-signed the back of each one!

One of the signatures ended up a little smudged, but I think it makes it unique. You can buy one [here]!

I've also been working on some other pieces! I have a few more works-in-progress, but I'm waiting for the supplies to come in the mail so I can finish them. Each photo links to their listing in my Etsy shop if you're interested in purchasing or adding them to your wishlist/favorites.

Here are the ones I have finished:

"Colors of The Wind" Necklace - inspired by Pocahontas.

"Ocean Hearted" Necklace - made with a heart-shaped pearl bead that came as a "gift" from an Etsy seller.

"Mermaid's Serenade" Necklace. I'm on an ocean/nautical kick, okay?

"New Kid On The Block" Necklace - I like how quirky this looks.

"Chinese Proverb" Necklace - I've had this bead in my stash for awhile and decided to use it. The bead was a gift that RavenCrossing had given me a long time ago.

"Champagne Chandelier" Earrings. These were made to coordinate with the "Mermaid's Serenade" necklace, but they didn't really have a beachy/nautical feel to them. Therefore, I gave them a different themed name.

"Victorian Sea Wife" Bracelet. I'm kind of iffy on this one. I tried making many different pieces with the mother of pearl washer discs beads, but never really liked anything I came up with. I finally settled on this bracelet that could easily be worn casually or by a bride.

I had quite a time trying to photograph white pearl jewelry on a white background. I'm so glad I remembered I had black poster board! They look so classy on a black background! That's all the new jewelry for now! I'm hoping I can get more pieces done by the end of this week!

Thanks for reading! What do you guys think about the new jewelry? Please leave your comments below! :)

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