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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woaaaah...... Double Runboooowww

I'm so excited, you guys! My husband, a bunch of friends, and I are going to be participating in The Color Run in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this Saturday, October 6th! Proceeds from the race will go to funding school libraries affected by the last year's tornadoes which is run by Read Bama Read.

The fun thing is that you get to form teams in The Color Run. Our team is called "The Double Runbows" which is a spin-off of The Double Rainbow video that I hope everyone has seen. If you haven't, go watch it now or I will criticize you for living under a rock. Here, I'll even embed the video into my blog so you can watch it.

So! For our Double Runbows team, I have made some sample swag to wear for the race! You (YES, I am talking to YOU, teammate!) have the choice of either a classic bow OR an actual DOUBLE RAINBOW that was inspired by The Ribbon Retreat.

Here's the front of the classic bow. My husband will be sporting this one as a bow tie.

Here's how the back looks. It has a pin hot glued to the back so he can pin it to his t-shirt.

Aaaaaaaaaand *drum roll* here's the DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Here's the back. I glued a bendy snap clip since this is the best device to hold my bangs back.


Not sure how to wear it? Here are the options I can attach YOUR rainbow to!

Okay Team Double Runbows! Just leave me a comment/message below or on Facebook and let me know if you'd like a bow or double rainbow and what type of clip option!

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